Doomstead Diner Interview

Years ago as I was winding down from blogging, the Doomstead Diner folks asked me to do an interview. We finally got around to doing it! I don’t often get doomy and gloomy, but there is a time and place to talk seriously about the scary possibilities (and probabilities) that the future holds. The Doomstead […]

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Interview on Unlearn and Rewild Podcast

I had the pleasure of chatting with Ayana Young, founder of the Unlearn and Rewild podcast. Ayana is awesome. I love the work she is doing. Very thankful to be a part of that! Take a listen:

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Greener Good Show

I was on this local cable access show called the Greener Good talking about my basket weaving projects.

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Permaculture Podcast Interview #1

This week I did the first of perhaps several interview/conversations with Scott Mann over at the Permaculture Podcast. Check it out here:

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Rewilding, Dispatched

For years now I’ve had a google alert set up for the word “Rewilding.” I like to check the pulse of how the mainstream is perceiving it, as well as the multiple permutations that it has taken between conservation biology, and humans returning to hunter-gatherer lifeways and culture (and the inevitable merging of the two […]

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Bulletin of Primitive Technology #48, Fall 2014

The fall issue of the Bulletin of Primitive Technology is out and has an article in it that I wrote about processing Blackberry Bark for weaving. Learn more or order issues at their website:

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2014 CBBG Fall Basketry Retreat

This year I attended the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild‘s fall retreat at Camp Magruder, OR. I’ve been a member of the guild for 3 years now, but hadn’t yet made it out to the yearly retreat. A few months back the weavers in Eugene had me come down and show them how to prepare Himalayan […]

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Thoughts on Death


I think about death all the time. Mostly because I am a hypochondriac. I often think about the possibility of contracting some disease or parasite or virus from my rewilding activities. I spend restless nights psyching myself out reading pseudo-medical websites. What if I died from Raccoon Roundworm after picking up a roadkill and skinning it? […]

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Bow-Drill Busking @ Last Thursday


I’ve been lighting bow-drills on the streets of Portland for 15 years now. It’s still fun, but man were my arms tired!

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Agriculture Revisited


In my chapter called “Agriculture Vs. Rewilding” I wrote about how agriculture is inherently destructive. I’ve lately come to revise this idea a bit. What inspired me to do this was looking at the origins of agriculture itself, and hearing from a few people that there are still agricultural people alive today who did not […]

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Satelite Press Transmission Interview


Nathan from Tranmission interviewed me the other day about my non-profit Rewild Portland and the philosophy of rewilding. Check it out here:

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When I saw Paleofantasy on the shelf at the bookstore, I got excited. “Finally, another Clan of the Cavebear!” I was disappointed to discover that Paleofantasy is not a fictionalized novel about paleo peoples. Rather, it is a pop-cultural, non-fiction book about how the paleo craze (that has been growing for some time now) is […]

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