Rewilding 201: Rewilding in Action

People often get on my case for not prescribing a “5 things you can do to rewild” type of program. To me, rewilding is a renaissance; an idea (or cohesion of ideas) that takes form through individual & collective creativity. To make it a program is to kill it. Instead of coming up with a […]

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Permaculture Podcast Interview #2

Scott Mann at the Permaculture Podcast had me back on the show. This time around we discussed the two realms of rewilding: conservation biology and anarcho-primitivism. There is only so much you can talk about in an hour, but we go pretty deep, only to be left wanting to continue the conversation. Listen to it […]

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Towards an Understanding of Cultural Appropriation in Rewilding


Sometimes in rewilding people purposefully or unintentionally culturally appropriate. Here’s some idea of how to be respectful while rewilding.

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Rewilding is Not Survivalism. So Why Do People Confuse the Two?


Both outsiders looking in, and those new to rewilding, often conflate wilderness survival skills and survivalism, with rewilding.

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Anarchy Radio w/ John Zerzan and Kevin Tucker

This week I went down to Eugene to chat with John Zerzan and Kevin Tucker on Anarchy Radio. We had a really good talk. Check it out here: (photo credit:

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What is Rewilding Presentation

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.16.03 PM

Here is the video of the slideshow that I gave at the Rewild Portland spring fundraiser this last April.

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PDX Darlings Podcast with Martha Grover

Martha is an old friend of mine. She is the author of One More For the People, the creator of Somnambulist Zine, and now has a podcast called PDX Darlings. She invited me onto the podcast and our conversation meandered from High School politics to the Roman Empire. It was a really great time! Listen […]

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Doomstead Diner Interview

Years ago as I was winding down from blogging, the Doomstead Diner folks asked me to do an interview. We finally got around to doing it! I don’t often get doomy and gloomy, but there is a time and place to talk seriously about the scary possibilities (and probabilities) that the future holds. The Doomstead […]

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Interview on Unlearn and Rewild Podcast

I had the pleasure of chatting with Ayana Young, founder of the Unlearn and Rewild podcast. Ayana is awesome. I love the work she is doing. Very thankful to be a part of that! Take a listen:

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Greener Good Show

I was on this local cable access show called the Greener Good talking about my basket weaving projects.

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Permaculture Podcast Interview #1

This week I did the first of perhaps several interview/conversations with Scott Mann over at the Permaculture Podcast. Check it out here:

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Rewilding, Dispatched


Rewilding has been picked up by the mainstream and watered down. Peter Michael Bauer gives his assessment of the situation.

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