Modified Salish Side Seam Mocassins

Today I finished my mocassins for the project. There is a floating sole stiched between the shoe and the actual sole, so three layers total. This is a modified version of the pattern in Jim Rigg’s book Blue Mountain Buckskin. Even with three soles, I may wear through pretty quickly out in the woods. Lynx has me toughening up my feet so that I can go barefoot more and not use the shoes. I’m also going to make a pair of buffalo skin sandals to take on the project as well. Footwear ain’t no joke!

Modified Salish Side Seam Mocassins

2 Responses to “Modified Salish Side Seam Mocassins”

  1. Christine says:

    Beautifully crafted Peter!

    • Scott says:

      Your lucky its not raining, otherwise you would have giant sponges on your feet. Even if you oiled them.